I know that when a man is faced with premature ejaculation

s problems there is no end of the earth that they will not go to for a fix. They do not want to know anything but how to fix it. So they will try things, maybe spray, cream, pills, exercises, therapy and medications. Tktx numbing cream Uk

Premature ejaculation can easily lead to depression, unhappiness in the bedroom and then with life. It can cause relationships to break up and anger to build up and then a lack of confidence and self worth. There man hood comes into question and it is like a ball rolling down a hill picking up speed.

So they hear about a cream, a numbing cream that they can put on their penises and voila it is fixed. They do not come so soon. So what if it takes the feelings of penis. They are hard and thrusting they really do not need to feel the pleasure of it; they are giving pleasure to their partner. They are acting like real men.

They do not care that the creams are messy and hard to tell the dosage. They do not care that they have to maybe reapply it right in the middle of having sex because they are starting to soften before it is over.

These numbing creams not only numb the man using them but also will numb the woman’s intimate parts. Does not matter if the little directions say it will not happen, trust me it happens and it is not fun. The cream goes into the vagina and she will be as desensitized as you and no matter how long you thrust and drive she will not be brought to orgasm

Worse yet it may not only numb but irritate, burn and cause a rash on both of your private parts. So now you have pain itching, soreness after the numbness wears off.

Some men will put on so much cream worried that it is not enough that they can hardly feel their penis at all. Can you imagine being so numb that you cannot tell if you are hard or soft?

Say the cream works, you are doing fine, lasting long enough, but because you can not enjoy or feel anything it makes it a waste of time. You end up more angry and depressed than before.

Cream is worse than a band aid. It cures and helps nothing really. It may be alright to use once or twice, but every single time you would have to understand that you are probably damaging more than your relationship. You could be hurting your future penile health. So do be careful.

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