The S-Thunder Shocker Airsoft Paintball 40mm Shell Will Add Realism to Your Airsoft Gun Battles

Looking For Some Serious Airsoft Fire Power?

If there is one thing that everybody who enjoys war games wants, it is going to be battle like realism whenever they are out in the field. If this sounds like you the one item that you may want to include in your arsenal is the S-thunder Shocker Airsoft Paintball 40mm Shell. This particular weapon brings something that is rather unique to the field, and it is capable of shocking and overtaking those that are on the other team easily. Here is a little bit about how this particular 40 mm shell w orks, and how you might want to use it to destroy the opposing team.

How Does It Work

The S-thunder Shocker Airsoft Paintball 40mm Shell can be launched with any standard 40 mm shell launcher that is available on the market. It comes equipped with a standard core, including green gas but you for a small price also upgrade it to CO2 which will deliver more of a report, as well as giving it additional power whenever it releases its payload. Although most people are going to use this paintball 40 mm shell with airsoft BB’s, it is also possible to use it with a variety of other items which would include paint balls, Colored Powders and even pepper balls for law enforcement applications.

A Few More Technical Specs

The empty weight of the Airsoft 40 mm shell is a little bit over 8 ounces, and the dimensions are approximately 1.6 inch diameter by 4.3 inch high. Depending on the payload that you wish to include inside of the shell, the weight can be increased significantly. It has an effective range anywhere from 65 to 95 feet and the sound volume ranges from approximately 75 to 110 dB, which is quite enough in order to stun the opposing team. You will also enjoy the fact that the gas will quickly impair their visibility and give you the upper hand.

How Much Is The Shocker Shell?

The S-thunder Shocker Airsoft Paintball 40mm Shell is available at a variety of different places online, and the price is going to run in the neighborhood of $58. This will include one shell, along with 10 reusable end caps, as these can end up missing quite quickly. Although you have a lot of different choices as far as the munitions that you’re going to use whenever playing your Airsoft games, this is certainly one that should not be overlooked. It can add a degree of realism to the field that is not available in many of the standard pieces that you will use regularly.

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